Multi-channel personalization and seamless digital experiences for your customers

Agility is a robust Cloud CMS that provides users with both creative and technical freedom to build and manage all content channels, and provide customers with superior digital experiences. Agility CMS allows enterprises to easily integrate with existing 3rd party applications such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Autopilot, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many more.

Every Agility CMS solution is unique. Workstate partners with your organization to gather in-depth requirements that ensure every project is built to meet your specific goals and company objectives starting on day one. We ensure you get the CMS application you need, and can depend on to deliver world-class digital experiences.

Workstate can help you take advantage of Agility’s fully-integrated suite of products, including eCommerce, Ticketing, POS and Personalization. All products are easily managed from the Agility Central Hub platform – start with what you need today and grow seamlessly from there.

Achieve greater business growth while creating both happy customers and stakeholders.

  • Agility Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Advisory Report
  • Agility Implementation: Brand new (and may include a CMS migration)
  • Agility eCommerce and POS set up
  • Agility Ticketing System Implementation
  • Agility Personalization Engine and Multi-channel Experience Implementation
  • Agility Migration: From another CMS
  • Legacy CMS Support and Sunsetting: While new CMS is being built/replaced
  • Agility Capability Enhancement and Extension: Adding or enhancing default features
  • Agility to External System Integrations: Connecting Agility to other systems, such as an ERP, CRM, or custom internal systems
  • Agility Full Systems Development Life Cycle Creation (SDLC) and Tuning: Setting up the full SDLC from Dev to QA to Production (can also include test plan development and verification/testing of expected content delivery)
  • Front–End and/or Server–Side Programming and Development
  • Agility Migration to the Cloud: Migrating an existing CMS to the appropriate cloud environment
  • Custom CMS Development for Business Applications: Managing assets (Digital Asset Management Systems), workflow, or any non–Commercial ECMS framework
  • Existing Agility Team Augmentation: Providing engineering talent to boost an existing client team

What our team is saying about Agility:

“Agility is a modern CMS built around some of the best practices for customer and developer experiences. It is a truly modern CMS built for the Azure cloud. For Agility customers, its Saas-based model frees customers from the traditional model of paying for new features and upgrades while delivering highly customizable customer experiences. Agility is a modern, headless CMS architecture built with state-of-the-art cloud techniques that our developers love.”

Dennis Allio, Workstate Partner

“Agility is the best of both worlds. It brings the scalability, extensibility and stability of cloud-based architecture through a lightweight, performance-focused CMS solution. Built from the ground up in a cloud environment, it is one of the most agile tools on the market, boasting a multi-tenant approach, open-source technology, high security, and ease of 3rd party integration. The very fast ramp up and very short learning curve as well as the reasonable price are added bonuses to any time and cost-conscious client or development team.”

William Cooper, Principal Group Director

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