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Nov 29 / 2016

Enterprise Identity and Access Management at Workstate (Christian Duvall, Group Vice President, Enterprise Services)

It's been an exciting month here at Workstate! Along with the announcement of our newly designed website, which highlights our veteran leadership in five other major practices, we are proud to present you with our Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) practice. Everyone here agrees – IAM is a critical component of a company's portfolio, no matter the shape or size.

Securing access to systems is nothing new – from the early days of application-centric password authentication all the way to today's most sophisticated multi-tenant cloud solutions, companies have been trying to achieve the same thing – grant users access to the information and services that they should have, and none of the ones they shouldn't.

While the goals have remained similar, the challenges of today's Enterprise have changed significantly since the days when basic authentication would suffice. With the rise of the digital enterprise, centered around cloud-based systems, the need to extend identity management beyond the boundaries of the corporate network has become an imperative that CIOs can no longer afford to ignore.   

Building the digital platform hugely expands an organization's identity universe in scale, focus and control  – Gartner (April 2016)

Alongside the changing corporate landscape comes significant improvement in both technology and practices, ushering in an era of new IAM solutions tailored to the demands of the modern enterprise. CIOs want assurance that access is properly governed and that their investments are being maximized, while users have quickly reached account overload and in turn, demand single-account access. Addressing these concerns and more, Microsoft has taken its ubiquitous corporate directory to the cloud with Azure Active Directory Premium.

Many Enterprises wish to extend the power and control of their corporate directory to their customers. Platforms such as Microsoft's Azure Active Directory B2C are not only helping to bridge the gaps between on-premise and cloud systems, but also the gap between how companies treat the identity management of their employees and customers. A company can now maintain the identities of its users and customers in the same platform, providing advantages such as centralized control and full-spectrum access auditing, all within a single solution.

Some companies are even abandoning the practice of corralling their users into corporate directories, in favor of leveraging a suite of cloud-services that rely on an identity provided by Google, Facebook or their own custom Identity Provider (IdP). No matter the approach, it has become increasingly clear that – in the digital age, a decentralized approach to identity and access control is rapidly falling below the barrier to entry.

Workstate has placed a bet on the continued growth of this critical area, working hand-in-hand with companies like Microsoft to help shape the future of cloud-based Identity and Access Management. We know that a properly implemented IAM solution can reduce operations and maintenance costs, provide access assurance, and increase employee/customer satisfaction.  

From claims to tokens, multi-factor authentication to self-service registration – Workstate has all of the experience you need to make sure your information is safe, secure and under control.  

Reach out to us now to find out more.