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Feb 15 / 2018

Workstate Faces the Future

Workstate Faces the Future

Last week held a heckuva lot of excitement around here. Between the Falcon Heavy launch (props to dashboard “Don’t Panic” sign, and the precision of the booster landings), and the insane fanfare, pyrotechnics and advanced tech that kicked off the Olympics, we were pretty sated. Seriously, we are living in the future.

Oh, yes. There was one other thing.

In launch news that doesn’t include a Tesla sports car, Mars or world-class athletes –Workstate also humbly stepped into a new era with our fresh website design.

With our pals at Good Dog Design, we worked to create new pages highlighting our engagement models (How We Work), and noting that we’re always looking for new folks to join our team (Careers). We gave our Practices a fresh polish, are offering Resources to our readers (with more to come), and have returned to blogging about some of our favorite topics. Many thanks and kudos to both the Good Dog and Workstate team members who worked so tirelessly to make this launch happen.

Although we’ve gussied up our presentation ­– our solid team, our know-how, our passion for solving technology issues while building a relationship with our clients – that all remains steadfastly the same.

Take a look around, and if you’re intrigued, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to talk shop with you anytime – or if you prefer, we can also chat about Elon Musk’s interplanetary endeavors, or that wild Olympic drone show.

Here’s to a shiny, bright infinity (and beyond)!

~ The Workstate Team