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Feb 14 / 2018

Workstate Stories: Gettin’ by With a Little Help From Our Friends

Anastasia Poland, Director of Communications

Workstate Stories_Getting by With a Little Help

Some stories are just too good to keep to yourself. And, in our journey with our clients, there are some stories that perfectly underscore what it means for us at Workstate to be good humans, trusted advisors, and to follow our instincts.

A few months ago, our VP and our Director of Client Services, Jeff Tudas and Phil Dauphin, were onsite for a meeting with both the President and the COO of Reliant Capital Solutions (Margie Brickner and Robert Twitchell) in Gahanna, OH. The meeting was to uncover and discuss initiatives or partnerships that might be interesting for our two companies to explore further.

Introductions were easy and gracious; however, at the beginning of the meeting it became clear that something was amiss – Reliant’s entire system was down. What this meant was that their agents couldn’t work, and that revenue was lost, and that a solution was not readily available.

“I felt horrible about the Reliant losing money due to their systems being down. They are a great company; growing and pulling their organization together in really amazing ways,” Phil noted. “I could see on Ms. Brickner’s face as she checked her watch while we talked that things were not good, but she had such presence of mind while meeting with us and talking about their plans so calmly.”

Once the meeting was completed, Jeff and Phil regrouped in the parking lot. Both felt an urgency to help – not unlike “seeing someone with a flat tire on the side of the road,” said Phil.

The Reliant systems that were causing difficulty were not in our wheelhouse, but bing! our Workstaters recalled a local company called MicroSolved that specialized in Reliant’s particular technical issues. Both hopped on their phones, and within four calls, had tracked down a sales rep who responded on a dime.

Within 15 minutes, MicroSolved had pulled together a conference call with Phil, MicroSolved’s and Reliant’s IT departments. The coalesced team set an in-house meeting which resulted in MicroSolved getting Reliant up and running that afternoon.

Although we had no idea if Reliant was going to be in need of Workstate’s services, that connection wasn’t the point – enabling a fellow business owner to thrive in their industry was our impetus. It felt great to connect two excellent local firms who were the perfect fit for each other. Very quickly, MicroSolved signed on with Reliant as an ongoing service provider.

And turns out, we’ve been lucky enough to build a relationship with both firms, too.

In our contract staffing capacity, Workstate placed a new IT Director at Reliant, and we look forward to assisting in growth of their IT team moving forward. We also continue to explore opportunities with our new friends at MicroSolved.