Cloud Shift

Cloud Shift

Cloud computing is in your future. Private, public or hybrid: It’s inevitable. It’s also one of the most transformative business decisions an enterprise can make.

The cloud unbinds you from traditional software dev limitations; it provides resilience, efficiency and higher-quality processes. (Plus, your software devs will love you for it.)

From Lift and Shift to building cloud-ready applications, or unraveling the difficulties of your cloud computing projects, Workstate helps to build the bridge to your cloud computing future.



You’re ready to migrate your applications to the cloud. So now what? We’ve got you covered.

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Cloud Evolve

Any app, anywhere, can benefit from Native Cloud Development. Let us show you how.

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Getting to the cloud requires more than simple knowledge of AWS, Azure and other modern cloud architectures. It also requires deep familiarity with pre-cloud history of applications. Our long history in this arena helps us bridge the gap from “back then” to current cloud platforms, with an eye on future innovation.

We believe that working closely with cloud platform vendors helps us to work smarter for our clients. We are proud to say that we are partners with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. That said, we’re also platform agnostic, and are mindful of finding the right fit for your needs.

I have great conversations with your team, and I walk away understanding more than I thought I ever would.


David Kessler

IT Manager, Royal Neighbors of America

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Cloud Readiness

We Believe

“Should we adopt cloud computing?” is the wrong question. The right questions is “How should we adopt cloud computing?”

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