Cloud Evolve

Cloud Evolve isn’t about bleeding edge technology, or technology for technology’s sake. As your business changes and grows, so must your applications. This process is the heart of Cloud Evolve.

In the driver’s’ seat of application development for the last 20 years, we know how tough it is to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of technology advancement. By incorporating innovative cloud technologies into your existing cloud appsthe new benefits gained are well worth your consideration.

What new benefits can possibly be achieved by evolving your core business applications once they’re already in the cloud?

Cloud Native Development delivers:

  • Increased development team productivity
  • Faster go to market of new features
  • Fewer quality problems, and customer service issues
  • Better security
  • Better disaster recovery/avoidance
  • Better performing speed/availability
  • Reduced service costs

We offer expertise in evolving and transforming your current state with the latest, high-impact technologies as part of our Cloud Evolve solution.

Cloud Evolve Services

Cloud Evolve for Existing Application Refit or Rebuild

Let’s not assume that your existing (and perhaps poorly performing) application isn’t worth your time. Something as simple as a Cloud Lift and Shift can breathe new life into a problem application. Other Cloud Evolve techniques can add or optimize new capabilities – as well as solve a number of common pain points, such as:

  • Poor performance (sluggishness, frequent errors, or other performance issues)
  • Disaster avoidance/high availability
  • Security issues/gaps
  • Deployment or software development related issues

To avoid incurring technical debt that can become very expensive to remediate in the future, it’s important to evolve your applications right alongside your business strategy.

Let us take a look at your application, investigate your current pain points, and make recommendations. If you’re interested in adopting new cloud technologies, we can help you explore those ideas, too. You’ll probably be surprised how something like a managed database refit or a cloud-based Identity and Access Management system can improve your applications.

Cloud Evolve for New Application Development

We’re seeing a transformation of software application architecture that is as important as the invention of the web browser was for the early days of the internet. Cloud computing application services are fixing many long-standing pain points with traditional software development – and we can help you build a cloud native application architecture to take advantage of these capabilities.

If you are starting a greenfield application project, consider cloud native architecture. If that's not a realistic strategy currently for your organization, you’ll want to follow software practices that allow you to refit your application at a later time – without a complete rebuild – should you decide to adopt cloud hosting.

Powerful Native Cloud Techniques for Cloud Evolve

Imagine a world where you do not have to worry about servers, hardware limitations, or a midnight wake up call from operations because your application is thrashing madly because of a conflicting environment. Native cloud techniques make this real. They deliver world class software architecture free from the constraints of infrastructure to your applications. This may sound like magic, but you can see it today in things like containerization, microservices, and managed database services. Here are a few to explore.

Start by Letting Us Look Under the Hood

Application Assessment for Cloud Evolution

This assessment will review any application, and look at opportunities for cloud evolution. Drivers for evolution may be symptomatic – such as responding to complaints about current app performance. They may be migration-specific – such as needing to replace on-premises coding techniques with cloud equivalents. Lastly, they may be feature-driven – such as a desire to take advantage of cloud platform features, or to implement new requests.

Cloud Application Check-Up

Do you have applications in the cloud that were part of a simple Lift and Shift as your migration starting point? Or perhaps your application is in the cloud, but something is not meeting your expectations (this could be performance- or cost-related)? Like going to the doctor, we’ll take a look at your current cloud application(s) and give you an overall health report, as well as recommendations for ongoing maintenance and evolution.

We Believe

We believe the most interesting part of cloud computing is what cloud native software can do when freed from the constraints of hardware.