We know that your applications are the heart of your business. Our Code-to-Cloud solution is focused entirely on helping you migrate your applications to the cloud.

Code-to-Cloud focuses on these core principals:

Applications Are Mission Critical: Your applications help you run your business. If they don’t perform, your business suffers.

Zero Downtime Is Desired: Application downtime has a direct and negative impact to your bottom line.

Experience With Code Is Extremely Important: For application migration, experience with code is more important than experience with servers. The transition to cloud for software applications is fundamentally different than infrastructure migrations and data center elimination.

Migrations Are a Team Effort: Software requires compute resources to run. The best migrations are a marriage of software engineering and cloud environment engineering.

We support public-, private-, hybrid- and multi-cloud migrations of your existing on-premises applications. We work with your existing cloud environment, or cloud infrastructure, migration team. We care for your code as much as those teams worry about your cloud data-center environment.

Code-to-Cloud Application Readiness Assessment

Our readiness assessment is a good place to start if you are planning to migrate to the cloud. In our detailed assessment report, we document your application characteristics, clear your application for your cloud migration, or make suggestions to refit your application during migration for your cloud migration. An assessment covers the following areas:

  • Application Current State Discovery: Includes hardware, software, and network specifications, plus Software Development Life Cycle and Application Environment details.

  • Application Desired State Discovery: Includes cloud vendor and technology preferences, pain point documentation, and performance remediation goals.

  • Organizational Readiness Review: Includes review of organizational support, as well as technical capability.

  • Migration Barrier Analysis: Includes a list of application issues that are likely to be a barrier for cloud adoption.

  • Suggested Migration Roadmap: Includes suggested paths for moving forward with cloud migration, as well as potential Cloud Evolve recommendations.

Workstate integrated multiple legacy systems and sunset outdated code. Their optimization saved our company hundreds of hours of dev time in the long run.


Rachel Chou

Principal, RPC Consulting

(Formerly GM/CMO Open Road Integrated Media; VP HarperCollins)

For Application Owners and Developers

Let us look under the hood, and we’ll identify any problems and provide recommended solutions – before you move your applications. We know you’ll prefer this to the “try-it-and-rollback-if-it-fails” path that seems popular with so many vendors.

If your own team is already allocated, we can also help you with any code refactoring that you may need, and can even assist with application and data migration to a new cloud environment.

Should you wish to tackle other important application issues (such as IAM, Security or performance improvements), we also have the ability to transform your applications as part of our Code Evolve and Custom Software Development capability.

For Infrastructure Cloud Migration Experts

If you help companies with cloud migrations, our services complement your own. Data center, compute and infrastructure-related workloads are your business – not ours.

As a company of seasoned software experts, we know applications. If you’ve ever run into the problem of a migration failing or getting delayed because of an application, we can help. Our goal is to join you at the table while planning a cloud migration. Early discovery and planning will allow us to deal with application migration issues before they have a chance to jeopardize your migration.

Typical Cloud Migrations, Lift and Refits:

  • Modern web application with corresponding database migration: Business applications, mobile applications, websites, APIs, blogs, eCommerce sites. .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Single Page Applications (SPA), and service tiers.

  • Legacy web application modernization and migration: Classic ASP, JSP, Coldfusion, Javascript, and the kitchen sink

  • Legacy client-server application refactoring for cloud environments

  • Content management systems (CMS): Sitecore, Drupal, Liferay, Sitefinity, SDL Tridion, as well as blog platforms like Wordpress

  • Other commercial applications to be moved from on-premises servers to a cloud environment

  • Database, files and document migration

  • Database migration and refit to managed database services: Amazon, Azure and Google cloud-managed databases

  • Legacy database upgrades and migration: Microsoft Access,Todo DB B, and Todo DB C, etc.

  • Service integration updates: Such as replacements for .NET System.Drawing when changing to .NET Core

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