Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

When you engage Workstate for custom software development services, we deliver a virtual human library of seasoned technical knowledge – whether you hire one of our technologists, or an entire crew.

With Workstate, you tap into 20 years development experience, a finely tuned work process, and conscientious delivery of top-notch programming. We own your deliverables as if they were our own, and unlike many other vendors, as long as we have full access and disclosure, we assume the risks of engagement for you – both timeline and budget.

Like all craftsmen, we commit to doing things right the first time. For our clients, this means lower total costs over time, with continued high-quality results – and often parlays into long-term, successful working relationships.

The benefits of our
time-proven process
ensures that:

  1. We don’t slide delivery dates.

  2. We don’t initiate change requests.

  3. We don’t overload you with expensive project managers.

  4. We transfer domain knowledge to your in-house teams.

  5. We help you recruit, hire and train your internal staff to ensure continuity.

  6. We don’t burden your management team with oversight of our teams.

  7. Our motivations and strategies are totally aligned with yours in order to deploy a bug-free, fully functional project as quickly as possible.

Custom Software Development Solutions

Project Feasibility Consulting

You’ve been handed that unexpected initiative, or asked to take on a project that wasn’t in your long-tail plans with your team. You can’t pull from your existing, already time-constrained teams – so what now?

Starting with a series of interviews, Workstate rapidly uncovers where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow. This mini-engagement has us finding out if we are a good fit with your needs, and your team, allowing you to validate your initial thoughts on budget and and scope of work.

Elaboration and Requirements Gathering

Workstate’s attention to detail is underscored in Elaboration and Requirements Gathering. This is where we review and analyze your strategic and business goals, set out technical requirements and scope, and discuss budget needed to accomplish your project.

We deliver a detailed recommendation, complete with a description of all project needs, including resource roles, resource allocation levels and pricing. At the end of this phase, we’d like you to hire us, but you don’t need to. You’ll have the comprehensive scope of work at the completion of this solution.

Design, Planning and Development

We’re engaged! In this solution, we take everything from Elaboration and Requirements Gathering and set the project schedule, detail deliverables, set up staffing, create a project plan, and begin development. Whether a fixed bid, agile, or technology team rental engagement, you’ll be fully apprised of milestones achieved along the way.

With A-team level technologists owning your project (whether integrated with your teams or not), we get in, execute and get out – on-time and on-budget. At the end of this solution, you should expect Workstate to have fully trained your staff to take over the day-to-day running of the initiative, and to have handed off complete documentation of work accomplished.

Maintenance and Support

After we’ve launched your project, we are happy to deliver control of all the pieces to your staff. However, some of our clients like to keep us on board. We offer ongoing maintenance and support, depending on needs of the organization, in a variety of flexible plans.

Application Modernization and Evolution

As your business changes and grows, so must your applications. We examine what new benefits can be achieved in modernizing your applications, and offer expertise in evolving and transforming your current state with the latest, high-impact technologies.

Digital Experience Platform Partnerships

In the past 20+ years of providing custom software development solutions, we’ve worked intimately with many Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) – some platforms are now mere memories, and others have grown into robust offerings. We continue to work with a wide variety of platforms – Drupal, Sitefinity, Interwoven, MCMS, IMIS, ATG, Stellent, SDL Web/Tridion, Liferay, Sitecore – just to name a few.

We specialize in assisting with platform selection and evaluation, because we know that one solution does not fit every enterprise need. That said, helping clients upgrade platforms, migrate to a new DXP or integrate two (or more!) systems is certainly in our wheelhouse, as well.

We implement and service most platforms available, and, we’ve partnered with several that we appreciate for their flexibility, and extensibility. Of these, we’ve found that quite a few of our clients favor Liferay and Sitecore, and conveniently, we are implementation partners with both.

If you’re in the market to explore what platform is right for your organization, let’s set a time to talk shop.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Liferay has enterprise–class support and usability, is developer–friendly yet business–focused. Liferay works to unify customer experiences with business operations while evolving enterprise digital strategy.

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Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore couples personalized, omni-channel experiences and rich data insights for marketers, plus versatile development space and ease–of–maintenance for technologists.

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Custom Software
Development Services

We work with multiple technologies and platforms. Please feel free to inquire as to which ones may be important to your organization’s needs.

  • Fixed Bid Custom Software Development
  • Agile Custom Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Application Modernization and Evolution
  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Data Migrations
  • Prototyping and Demo Software

We Believe

We believe that the long-term benefits of well-architected and well-built solutions are significantly lower costs of ownership, as well as higher customer satisfaction.