Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

Sitecore, a Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms leader, has been a key player in our relationship with our clients, providing the depth and breadth of both user and developer tools for marketing and commerce.


In diving deep with this platform, we've found that Sitecore’s special sauce is in its cohesive technology architecture that supports a superb user experience for our clients. With 20+ years of experience working with custom and out-of-the-box CMS and digital experience solutions, we have found that this omni-channel platform is best-in-class for delivering seamless, personalized customer shopping experiences while delivering real–time, deep business intelligence right back into your hands.

Sitecore’s easy–to–use marketing insight tools have greatly benefited our clients with their advanced analytics, testing, and optimization offerings. Integration capabilities with hundreds of third–party marketing solutions (like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce CRM, and more) has made Sitecore the perfect solution for some of our largest clients.

We were particularly pleased with the extensibility of the Sitecore platform when building out Public Storage’s customer-facing website; as the largest storage company in the world, Public Storage now uses Sitecore to deliver a consistent, personalized experience to its customers (internal and external) wherever and whenever they engage with their business across the planet.

If you’re in the market to explore what digital experience platform or CMS is right for your organization, or needing to modernize and/or extend your current Sitecore utilization, we are open for to discuss, inform and implement your needs.

  • Sitecore Implementation: Brand new (and may include a CMS migration)
  • Sitecore Migration: From a legacy CMS
  • Legacy CMS Support and Sunsetting: While new DXP is being built/replaced
  • Sitecore Minor or Major Upgrades: Moving from a previous version to a new version (includes a migration)
  • Sitecore Capability Enhancement and Extension: Adding or enhancing default features
  • Sitecore to External System Integrations: Connecting to other systems, such as an ERP, CRM, or even custom, internal systems
  • Full Systems Development Life Cycle Creation (SDLC) and Tuning: Setting up the full SDLC from Dev to QA to Production (can also include test plan development and verification/testing of expected content delivery)
  • Front–End and/or Server–Side Programming and Development
  • Migration to the Cloud: Migrating an existing CMS to the appropriate cloud environment
  • Custom CMS Development for Business Applications: Managing assets (Digital Asset Management Systems), workflow, or any non–Commercial ECMS framework
  • Existing Sitecore Team Augmentation: Providing engineering talent to boost an existing client team

What our team is saying about Sitecore:

“Architecting solutions in Sitecore has been an incredible experience. There is almost nothing that can't be created, extended or enhanced. The documentation is robust and the community is the strongest I've seen for an enterprise–level web CMS.

With its information architecture focus and a robust user experience, it's a content manager's dream. There is almost nothing that can't be accomplished in Sitecore – it is truly the developers' CMS.”

Christian Duvall, Workstate Vice President, Enterprise Services

“I have to say, Sitecore is the CMS for developers because it will let you do almost anything, it is so flexible. We’ve used Sitecore to build custom blogs that utilized features not seen in many CMS platforms. Their level of training is incredible – intense and extensive. It taught me a lot. The real strength is in its scalability, extensibility and customization. Scalability is all built in, with the availability of hosting multiple sites on the same platform. Their XM has great marketing usability in real–time and outshines many of its competitors.”

William Cooper, Workstate Group Director

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