Data Analytics

You need to know where you stand in order to figure out how to get where you need to go. We define data analytics as a descriptive exercise. We use data to tell you where you are on the map at any time from the past to the present.

Descriptive analytics are at the root of Data Intelligence. Depending on how good you are at descriptive analytics, you may be looking at intelligence a quarter or more in the past, or you may be looking at insights mere milliseconds old. The fresher the better. Trends, KPIs, risks, opportunities: This is the realm of Business Intelligence (BI), Operational Intelligence (OI), real-time streaming data and dashboards.

Business Intelligence Platform Implementation

Business Intelligence platforms allow you to make mid- to long-term decisions on historical data.

We start with a "BI Software Solution Provider and Vendor Evaluation plus Recommendation" based on your needed insights. This leads to implementation and configuration of a specific platform. We are platform agnostic, and happily work with Teradata, Concentric Market, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, and all other major industry players. We’ll integrate your data sources and reports, and set you up to maintain and adapt your platform going forward.

In the end, your BI integration along with the automation of your solution makes your insights hum, delivering important data intelligence for your organization.

This service includes:

  • BI Software Solution Provider and Vendor Evaluation plus Recommendation
  • BI Software Solution Provider and Insights Implementation
  • BI Data Integration, Automation and Operationalization

Operational Intelligence and Dashboard Implementation

Operational Intelligence focuses on delivering real-time insights for real-time decision-making. That said, real-time insights require real-time comprehension. This is why OI is delivered via dashboards to slice and dice information into digestible chunks, as well as provide push notifications for predefined events requiring immediate action. 

We begin with a "Tools and Techniques Evaluation and Recommendation" to envision your individualized situation. Real-time streaming data platforms such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis and others are frequently involved. Upon your acceptance of our recommendation, build and implementation can move forward, and we finish with integration and automation.

This service includes:

  • Tools and Techniques Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Operational Intelligence Platform and Insights Implementation
  • Dashboard Data Integration, Automation and Operationalization

We Believe

We believe that innovative use of public data in combination with private data drives better insights than private data alone.