Data Innovation

Data Intelligence is all about innovation. While all organizations can benefit from Data Intelligence, there is no single solution for everyone.

Advancements happen daily, and those who are on the leading edge of those advancements may derive competitive advantage over those who stick to the tried-and-true.

Workstate Data Innovation services help to quickly and economically validate new concepts and enable novel insights. We bring all of our solutions and services to bear in creating a minimal viable product (MVP) to validate further investment.

Whether the need is for a product to deliver existing insights in new and exciting ways, acquisition of new insights from innovative combinations of first- and third-party data or all the many possibilities in between, Workstate Data Innovation Services can help give you the confidence you need to proceed to a full implementation.

These services include:

  • Data Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Development
  • First- and Third-Party Data Integration

We Believe

We believe that intuition tells you where to begin finding insights, while insights support, falsify or augment intuition.