Data Intelligence Needs and Readiness Engagement

You’re here because you feel that your organization has data intelligence needs, but you may not know exactly what those are. You are not alone.

According to a McKinsey study, only 10-60% of the potential value of data has been captured depending on domain. In a separate study, McKinsey discovered that investments in data had an ROI up to two times the outlay over five years. In other words, your hunch is correct! Our Data Intelligence Needs and Readiness Engagement will help you identify your specific needs, and ready your data to start fulfilling them.

Data Intelligence Readiness Assessment

The Data Intelligence Readiness Assessment gives you an overview of where you are today, and a map (or turn-by-turn directions) to where you need to go.

This service includes:

  • Insight Needs Discovery

  • Data Inventory

  • Data Gap Analysis

  • Data Preparation and Operationalization Recommendations

Data Preparation and Operationalization Engagement

The Data Preparation and Operationalization engagement is where we whip your data into shape, make it accessible from a central location, and enrich it with appropriate third-party data integrations in order to enhance the readiness of your organization to achieve the needed insights.

This service includes:

  • Data format normalization (transform your data to usable formats)

  • Data accessibility engineering (make your data centrally accessible)

  • Data enrichment engineering (third party data integration; fill the gaps!)

We Believe

We believe that becoming a data-driven organization requires a cultural shift from legacy ways of operating.