Data Science

Sometimes knowing where you stand isn’t enough, when the route to where you need to go isn’t marked on the map. Data Science, contrasted with analytics, is a predictive or prescriptive exercise. It helps you fill out the map. 

We use data to tell the story of what may happen in your organization in the future, based on combinations of internal and external factors (predictive), or guide you towards an optimal set of business decisions for performance measures you are trying to achieve (prescriptive).

We segment this field from analytics due to the more advanced statistical techniques required. Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks and statistical regressions are all part of the data scientist’s predictive and prescriptive toolkit.

Data Science is frequently a bespoke activity. Many platforms, tools and techniques exist, and may be required in myriad combinations to achieve the predictive and prescriptive insights you require.

Among the techniques we use are:

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks
  • Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • Data Mining, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We start with a "Data Science Techniques, Tools and Platform Evaluation and Recommendation" dependent upon your predictive or prescriptive needs. As in all of our services, we are platform agnostic and will always recommend the best for your needs. 

A few among the tools and platforms we may use to implement the above techniques are Google TensorFlow, Theano, Kera, Python, R, SciKit-Learn, NumPy, Pandas, Concentric Market, Amazon Machine Learning, Google Cloud Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning, and others. We will then implement the recommended data science pipeline, operationalize it, and prepare you to maintain, expand and adapt it going forward.

These services include:

  • Data Science Techniques, Tools and Platform Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Data Science Platform and Insights Implementation
  • Data Science Platform Data Integration, Automation and Operationalization

We Believe

We believe that data science is quantitative storytelling; otherwise it is of very little interest to humans.