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Identity and Access Management

It’s no longer a secret – building an Identity and Access Management program is crucial to the success of the modern enterprise.

Gartner predicts that by the end 2020, "identity analytics and intelligence (IAI) tools will deliver direct business value beyond access and governance tools in 60% of enterprises."

And it’s not just users and customers that are demanding improved experiences. The need for a proactive, risk-driven IAM approach is growing rapidly alongside the cloud-driven corporate ecosystem. As we learned in Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, over 63% of all confirmed data breaches come from compromised credentials.

With strong planning and a company-aligned strategy, an IAM project will deliver big results:

Reduced Costs

  • Reduce the project costs associated with one-off access management.
  • Reduce the operational costs of IT support for account-support activities.
  • Reduce the overhead of maintaining numerous access control solutions.

Reduced Risks

  • Reduce the risk of accidental or intentional access abuse.
  • Reduce the risk of employees having too much access.
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Increased Agility

  • Remove unnecessary access quickly and precisely.
  • Bring new systems up faster without reinventing the wheel.

Empowered Users

  • Give business owners the power to define and enforce their own access control policies, empowering them with capabilities only IT had previously.
  • Allow users to enjoy self-service features like registration, password reset, and account unlocks.
  • Provide users with single-account access to all of their corporate systems and data.

Increased Business Intelligence

  • Discover vulnerabilities, high-risk role combinations, and stale permissions.
  • Peek into the behavior patterns of your users, learning what information is accessed most.

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Enterprise IAM Assessment

You know your org needs IAM, but where do you start? Using our EIAM Assessment, we can provide you with a successful, actionable blueprint. 

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Azure Active Directory Migration

Embracing the cloud, but still using on-prem identity solutions? Workstate understands the challenges of moving Azure Active Directory, and can get you over that hurdle.

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Identity and Access
Management Partnerships

Implementing an IAM program at your organization is far more complicated than implementing one of the many identity provider solutions available today. It requires experience in risk management, governance, organizational change management, and much more.

Working closely with the top identity providers allows Workstate to deliver faster, better, and more efficiently for our clients. We are proud to say that we are Microsoft Partner and a member of the Azure Identity Advisory Board, as well as a cloud partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Tap into our experience to assess build, and operate your ideal Identity and Access Management competency.

We Believe

We believe that IAM is far more than just a way for your users to sign into your systems.