Azure AD Migration

We love a good identity problem – and we’re not afraid to use Azure Active Directory to solve it.

Microsoft recently announced that 90% of all Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure cloud services. That’s a lot. Recent estimates also suggest that around 94% of Fortune 500s are still using some form of on-premises Active Directory.

So if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I can’t believe we’ve not moved toward a cloud identity solution yet,” clearly you’re in good company.

Workstate knows how to plan and execute your migration from any number of situations, such as:

If it’s time to embrace the cloud (or you’re mostly there), we can help you take the leap from your legacy identity solution(s) to one that will fit naturally into any ecosystem.

  • On-premises Active Directory
  • Custom sources (user databases, third-party systems, spreadsheets)
  • From-scratch implementations
  • Mix of internal and external users

Azure AD Services

  • Enterprise Identity and Access Assessment
  • Identity and Access Management System Selection
  • Identity and Access Management System Implementation
  • Custom Identity and Access Management Solution Development

We Believe

We believe that everyone deserves a more cohesive, integrated and governable identity solution.