Enterprise IAM Assessment

With our Enterprise Identity and Access Management (EIAM) Assessment, we focus on deeply analyzing your organization’s landscape, looking to uncover specific needs.

With the many solutions available, it can be difficult to know how to begin your Identity and Access Management adventure. Many companies start by choosing a product solution, inevitably leaving them with a long wishlist of impossible, infeasible or entirely custom requirements. Some companies rely on IT to perform detailed gap-analyses, providing them with a technically strong implementation that might not reap all of the benefits that a complete Identity and Access Management program can offer.

We dive deep in our EIAM assessment, and deliver a customized blueprint that clearly maps out a plan that will help transform strategy into reality.

If you have an organization that relies on the security and access of its information – the Enterprise Identity and Access Management Assessment will help get you there.

Delivering deep insights to your organization

Answer key organizational questions, such as:

  • What secured information exists in the organization?
  • What users can currently access this information?
  • How is the information currently secured?
  • Who owns the secured information?
  • What compliance risks are present in your specific domain?

Receive your customized blueprint, including:

  • A detailed review of your IAM requirements
  • An access control map
  • Gap analysis and remediation plan
  • Organizational change management guidelines
  • A detailed roadmap that takes you straight from strategy to action

EIAM Services

  • Identity and Access Management System Selection
  • Identity and Access Management System Implementation
  • Custom Identity and Access Management Solution Development
  • Azure Active Directory Migration

We Believe

We believe that the most successful projects start with a holistic view of your enterprise and its IAM needs.