Public Storage Engages Workstate for a Customized, Leading-Edge Sitecore XP Site

Executive Summary

Public Storage is the largest self-storage company in the world, serving over one million customers at its more than 2,200 locations. Seeking to leverage its presence as market leader, the company undertook a critical initiative to revamp their consumer-facing website, To this end, they engaged Workstate to create a best-in-class website for Public Storage customers that would be nimble and easy to maintain for their content managers and internal support team, allowing for quicker updates and reduced maintenance costs.

The new website:

  • Provides a seamless experience for customers – at home and at the property
  • Strengthens the Public Storage brand
  • Drives revenue and provide competitive market advantage


Retail; Real Estate Management

Client Challenge

Revamp public-facing website to maximize customer experience and retention

Workstate’s Solution

  • Implemented customized lightweight CMS
  • Delivered innovative site enhancements
  • Placed team members on-site to collaborate with internal team

Business Impact (targeted)

  • Faster performing website, resulting in a better customer experience and higher organic search results
  • Increased customer acquisition and improved retention
  • Easier conversion and higher conversion rates

Relevant Technologies

  • Sitecore Web CMS
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Progressive Web App
  • Apple Wallet/Apple Pay/Google Pay

Why Workstate?

Workstate and Public Storage have a strong history of collaboration and successful project outcomes. Workstate brings expertise in the areas of architecture, web development and agile methodologies, along with a deep knowledge of the Public Storage business, their WebCHAMP2 database (the internal property management tool used by the entire company and updated by Workstate in 2017), and extensive experience within the environment and with the Public Storage development team.

This knowledge, coupled with more than 20 years of implementation experience with complex web CMS solutions and involved user stories allowed Workstate to optimize and accelerate the development process and complete the project in a 9-month timeframe.

Technical Innovations for Enhanced Functionality

With Sitecore as the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) of choice, and the additional power provided by implementing Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Workstate created a highly personalized, responsive consumer experience that is seamless across devices, integrates current website features such as account management, storage unit selection, and payments with enhancements (including online leasing and mobile device gate access).

In addition, Sitecore provides a low-overhead solution to rapidly editing highly-dynamic content throughout the site, without requiring additional development. This will lead to reduced overall costs for site maintenance.

We also utilized SEO-focused techniques for technical implementation that further extends Public Storage’s brand online.

Workstate thrives on this type of solution – exciting technologies, technical innovations, and plenty of room to delight the customer.


Christian Duvall
Workstate Vice President, Enterprise Services

It Takes a Team (Rental)

During the development phase, Workstate had a team of seven in place, working with a Public Storage internal Co-Technical Lead and a developer. Two additional consultants were brought in to assist with maintenance of the current site and the transition to the implementation team. Workstate placed one of its technical leaders on-site with the client to act as a direct report to the CIO and CMO in order to maximize the outcomes of the project.