Which Application Migration Is Right for You?

The benefits of moving to the cloud are clear – so now, how do we get your code to cloud?

Every application is different and deserves a right-sized approach to cloud migration. At Workstate, we assess your company's goals and the details of each application in order to recommend one of the following migration styles.

This is good place to start – Lift and Shift is the least complex move of an existing application or digital product, as-is, to the cloud. The reason to Lift and Shift is to gain all of the cloud benefits related to cloud infrastructure. Benefits such as eliminating physical servers, auto-scaling of resources for performance, and more. Almost any application is a candidate for this type of move.

Our migration philosophy is this: Make minimal changes required to cloud-enable an application or digital product. This reduces the overall risk of your migration, and speeds up achieving new cloud advantages.

Lift and Evolve

There may be specific aspects of your application that you would like to improve. Adding a new cloud capability, or fixing a long-standing problem, may be the very reason you’ve chosen to start your Code to Cloud migration. Consider a few frequent and impactful improvements we help clients with during a Lift and Evolve.

  • Enhanced Identity and Access Management: Replacing or augmenting the current application authentication and authorization mechanisms with upgraded cloud solutions – such as cloud directory provider, author logins, or on-premises SSO integration.
  • Database Upgrade or Migration: Taking advantage of managed cloud database services is high on many client’s lists. We’ll help you review your options, and to accomplish any of the trickier aspects of adjusting your data source.
  • Enhanced Application Security: Improving application security auditing and testing; beyond what was available in your original application.
  • Enhanced Scalability and Availability: Investing in cloud-based scalability and availability features such as load balancers, auto-scaling, cross-datacenter redundancy and failover.
  • Enhanced Features: Augmenting a modest set of features that can be designed and developed within the planned timeframe of the application migration. The application will include the feature enhancements when delivered to the cloud.

You may have a mission critical application, but realize that it’s time to make significant adjustments or rebuild it from the ground up. You’ll gain the most benefits from the cloud if you rebuild with a cloud environment in mind. We can bring to bear our powerful Cloud Evolve services to help you rebuild to an enhanced and modernized version of your application. 

If you’ve been considering major application changes, then a Lift and Rebuild is an opportune time to accomplish them. This migration allows you to build, test, and eventually switch-over in a completely separate environment from your original app before sunsetting the older version.

Migration More Than Code: Data Migration and Downtime

Even the least complex Lift and Shift migration can get tricky when you consider your data migration and downtime needs. The last thing that you want to do is lose data, or have extended downtime during your migration. 

We take these migration aspects very seriously. You may feel a few hours of downtime is not a problem, or you may feel that zero downtime is your need.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.