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Team REV

Elastic Software Development Teams, On-Demand

Your business imperatives require new technical resources, yet adding permanent hires doesn’t make sense to your bottom line. Team REV marries your portfolio needs with clear economic benefits in sourcing, scaling and managing.

Turning up teams via traditional IT staffing takes considerable time, effort and cost. Team REV turns the concept of traditional staffing on its head; all the effort becomes Workstate’s when we deliver elastic software engineering teams to cover your requirements and skill needs over the life of your projects. Team REV means you go from zero to staffed in no time.

When you need hard-to-find, mature software development talent, and you don’t have the bandwidth to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard, Workstate provides your organization the right team, the right savings in both cost and effort, and the right ROI that will make you say “no way” to ever considering outmoded traditional staffing again.

Traditional IT Staffing vs. Workstate Team REV
Evolution Began in the 1940s and never evolved to modern needs. 21st century solution to 21st century problems
Cost Resources are individually priced and negotiated One negotiation based on team requirements results in fixed and discounted costs
Cost Predictions Variable and increasing costs over time Budget certainty; cost deflation over time
Economy of Scale None Larger teams results in increased discounted rates
Scalability None; every resource creates the same time-consuming sourcing and onboarding management burden Individual resources or entire teams can be added quickly with no additional burden
Risk You own all risk with team procurement, dynamics, performance, training, improper fit Workstate owns all the risk. In our model, we take care of all the heavy lifting.
Onboarding Assembling a team, vetting skills, training (sometimes requiring a probation period) can take months Ready to work out of the box
Team Chemistry/Synergy Staffing resources needed ramp-up time to gel their teammates Experienced team members trained in the best practices are compatible with each other, and also with client cohorts
Management Your org owns the burden of new-hire time management, performance tracking, and team dynamics, creating at least 10-15% overhead Management is built into Team REV model
Changing Skills/Needs Normal changes in project and skill requirements slows progress and is disruptive Changes in either skills or requirements are a natural part of the process and Team REV easily adapts to new needs

At Workstate, we focus on attracting, hiring and retaining top software talent. We believe that everything – from our career path, to our organizational structure, to our physical offices – contribute to the quality of our teams. By choosing Workstate, you immediately receive all of these benefits for your organization without the sunk costs, years of investment, and risk involved in building or finding technology talent on your own.

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We Believe

We believe that deep listening, clear communication, good planning, vetted talent and reliable business relationships are what get the job done.

Goodbye IT contract staffing: Hello Dev teams, no assembly required