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Workstate’s U.S. and Nearshore Technology Teams as a Service

Workstate’s Teams as a Service (TaaS) is a revolutionary approach to providing software engineering teams. Our 25+ years of diverse, dynamic experience and hard-won knowledge allows you to transcend the limits of traditional teams with TaaS.

The TaaS Difference

TaaS adapts to the changeable requirements that affect every project, allowing for in-progress adjustments to team size and composition. Our highly customizable model vanquishes expensive course corrections and resource issues experienced by traditional recruiting, team assembly and staffing, and delivers cost depreciation based on project demands.

Seamless integration

Get high levels of visioning, communication, and close collaboration with your current project and teams.

Access to top tech talent

We deliver hard-to-find, experienced software development talent when you don’t have the bandwidth to recruit, interview, hire and onboard.

The right savings in cost and effort

By choosing Workstate, you immediately receive access to mature teams without the sunk costs, years of investment and risk involved in building or finding technology talent on your own.

The right ROI

We guarantee you’ll never consider outmoded traditional staffing again.

Your Challenges, Workstate’s Unique Team Solutions

You’re Experiencing Inconsistent Team Performance

We provide tight-knit, deeply capable teams driven to deliver exemplary results. And, we do the management for you.

Your Project Needs to Scale Quickly

TaaS is an elastic service, positioned to solve dynamic resource and technology needs, with minimal impact to your ongoing efforts.

You’re Facing Cost Overruns and/or Missed Deadlines

Even in the moment, we are anticipating your initiative’s future.

Team Member Turnover Derails Your Initiatives

We ensure that knowledge and vision is owned and shared across our entire dedicated team, saving time and money, and mitigating deadline impact.

Your Candidates Are a Mismatch to Your Needs

We assemble hand-picked, high-performing Delivery Teams custom fit for your company’s culture and specific project needs.


We are proud to be recognized as partners with the following organizations, based on our deep technical expertise, rigorous best practices and end-to-end capabilities in creating custom software solutions.

Public Sector Development Teams

Workstate builds long-term partnerships with Federal, State, and Local governmental agencies, as well as higher learning institutions and non-profits. By providing highly effective, mature technology teams for all stages of the software development lifecycle, we meet the demanding needs of public sector projects with outcome certainty.

We have multiple public contracting vehicles available for Federal agencies, as well as for the State of Ohio. Please contact us to see which contracts are available in your area.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Workstate’s data warehouse expert pushed us ahead of the curve. We leaned into your expertise and that made all the difference. If we didn’t have Workstate, the project would not have just been delayed, it would have been shelved!



I go back with Workstate 15 years. I have worked on projects with them at the Gates Foundation, Dell, OCLC … I bring them in wherever I go.



We released our MVP on time and on budget. As a product leader, you anticipate and plan for some aspect of a launch to go sideways; this was the smoothest delivery I’ve ever experienced. It speaks to the quality and care with which Workstate developed our platform.



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