U.S. & Nearshore

U.S. and Nearshore Teams for all Your Technology Needs

Our 25+ years of diverse, dynamic experience provides high-functioning development teams that deliver best-in-class results to elevate your business.

We champion your vision. We anticipate your future needs. We activate your solutions.

Workstate’s Teams as a Service Beats Staffing Every Time

Workstate’s Teams as a Service (TaaS) resolves business blockers in a way that no other partner can.

  • Unparalleled, unique team-assembly
  • Nearshore and US-based teams
  • Elastic, scalable, on-demand teams
  • Autonomous approach
  • Teams-behind-the-team support
  • Highly collaborative teams
  • Optimization for strategic integration, or for cost
  • 100% distributed workforce across North America

Searching for Nearshore?

If you’re looking to add cost-optimized capacity to your IT efforts, Nearshore TaaS is your solution. We source our team members from Mexico where there is a large pool of talent and skills not currently available in the U.S., in time zones aligned with U.S. work schedules.

Nearshore TaaS technologists offer high-functioning capabilities and output through high-quality, quickly turned-up teams. And, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our specialized Global Engagement Advisor (GEA) can bridge any collaborative gaps to facilitate consensus, keep goals in sync and help ensure a smooth and successful engagement.

We Manage Nearshore for You

  • All Mexico labor laws
  • Office space
  • Benefits
  • Expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Day-to-day and ongoing performance
  • Collaboration needs served through a GEA

Need High-Touch US-Based Teams?

Workstate’s US-based TaaS technology leaders can solve all the hard problems you face throughout your project, and do the heavy lifting you require to move your solution towards success.

Our US-Based Teams are Experts

  • In close collaboration
  • In strategic implementation
  • In adopting and owning your big picture vision
  • In activating and accelerating any organization’s initiatives
  • And more…

How Teams as a Service Works for You

Step 1: Meet

Workstate schedules a strategy meeting to discuss and internalize your needs and goals.

Step 2: Design

We collaboratively design an elastic, on-demand Nearshore or US-based Delivery Team and plot a course to your success.

Step 3: Work

Workstate assembles and onboards your Nearshore or US-based Delivery Team, and together we get to work. We continuously monitor, optimize and right-size your team to the demands of the engagement – freeing you from management of both.

Call us to talk about your teams today!

Goodbye IT contract staffing: Hello Dev teams, no assembly required.



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