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Workstate was built by technologists, for technologists. Throughout our 25+ year history we’ve been on a mission to create the best home for the brightest technology talent.

If you are excited about Workstate, we encourage you to apply. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our jobs page, don’t hesitate to send in your resume. We’re regularly signing on new clients, and our growth is dynamic. Your new career may be waiting.

We Are Workstate

If your mission is to find a career that delivers collaborative teamwork, a supportive atmosphere of active learning and mentoring, cultural diversity and inclusion, and the chance to leave behind a legacy of best-in-class results, you’ll fit right in at Workstate.

We seek consultants who can motivate, galvanize and engage with our clients beyond hands-on keyboard, both diving into the work of the moment, while envisioning an engagement’s future. Our consultants are quick on their feet, able to make fast, informed and smart decisions to save or propel client’s initiatives, champion their vision, and persevere in their quest for excellence.

Workstate consultants … 

  • are engaged, respectful listeners and communicators.
  • enjoy collaborating with and contributing to a team.
  • think ahead to anticipate future issues on their projects.
  • are comfortable with fast-paced, changeable environments even if the work itself is not glamorous.
  • are able to work without well-defined requirements, helping in turn to solidify them if they do not exist.
  • are comfortable picking up new technologies quickly.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Sometimes career paths and life choices may take our teammates in other directions. We pride ourselves in being the kind of company you hate to leave. Read what our Workstate alumni have to say about us on Glassdoor.

Our Benefits

We are committed to our team’s well-being above all things, and believe offering robust insurance coverage is one good way to show it. We emphasize home, family and personal time as essential to our employees’ balanced work/life fit.

Insurance (US-only)

At Workstate, we offer a choice of several Health Insurance plans (including an HSA plan) and Dental, Vision and free Life Insurance packages for our team members and their families (including domestic partners).

PTO (US-only)

  • Nine paid holidays per year (includes most recognized federal holidays)
  • 15 days of paid time off per year increasing to 20 days after two years of employment
  • Unlimited sick days
  • Parental Leave for birth and adoptive parents

Retirement (US-only)

We have a SIMPLE IRA program and match up to 3% of your pre-tax salary. This is similar to a 401K, but a slightly different vehicle with different limits to contributions and some other criteria.

Insurance (MX-only)

Workstate offers Medical, Dental and Vision coverage to all Mexico-based team members and their families upon start date.

PTO (MX-only)

  • Eight paid holidays per year (includes all recognized Mexico holidays)
  • Vacation Days are provided in alignment with Mexico labor laws
  • Three sick days a year
  • Parental Leave for birth and adoptive parents

Aguinaldo (MX-only)

We provide a full 30 days of Aguinaldo to all Mexico-based team members beginning their first year of employment.

Inclusive Environment

We provide an environment that engenders a sense of belonging and camaraderie. We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion for all – including, but not limited to – age, gender identity or expression, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, veteran status, neurodiversity and perspective.

Work-Life Fit

We are a people-first, team-first company. We encourage working sane hours, for both basic health and well-being, and to support work-life fit for each of our team members. We typically operate during core hours based on client needs and your local time zone.

Career Growth

We love providing opportunities for advancement – whether that is towards higher level of technical ability, increased leadership or both. We have a strong focus on mentoring across the company and a clearly defined career path to help guide our team members in whatever ways they want to grow.

Flex Time

Flex time is available to those who need to take care of those occasional, yet typical life activities that occur during the workday – like doctors’ visits, childcare, and vet appointments.

Professional Development

A focus on lifelong learning and growth is a foundation of our philosophy. We support professional development through both internal programs and on-the-job training. In addition, all employees are given a yearly professional development budget that can be used towards courses, certifications, and more. 

Work From Anywhere

Workstate is based out of Columbus, OH but we have team members working remotely from multiple time zones across North America. We utilize Slack and virtual meeting tools to help keep us all connected and talking.

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