Why Workstate?

Workstate was built by technologists, for technologists. Throughout our 20-year history we’ve been on a mission to create the best home for the brightest technology talent.

What We Build

At Workstate, building doesn’t just apply to technology. We like to build. And we assume, because you’re here, so do you.

We apply it to everything we do -- building relationships, skillsets, retirement accounts, technical knowledge, music collections, recipe files, dad joke collections, movie recommendations, travel logs, childhood toy recollections … and more. So much more.

When you join our team, we see your inner nerd, and we raise you one.

How Do We Do Workstate?

Our home office in Columbus, OH is a hub of activity, with real offices and real doors, and plenty of space to think or meet. You can stroll to the historic North Market nearby to grab a cuppa, or access an unending flow of in-office coffee/tea/Red Bull.

On Fridays we serve up (opt-in) catered lunches to bring folks together. We also do seasonal, family-friendly gatherings. (That said, no one is smooshed into giant human pretzels at a local park in the name of “team-building activities.” We’re already confident in our team-ness.)

Gin Tonic
All Mules
A Good Hefeweizen
Amber Ales
A Nice Super Hoppy Ipa
Light Bodied Session Ales
Iced Coffee
Iced Cold Brew Coffee
Amaretto And Cranberry
Any Flavor La Croix
Bedfords Ginger Ale
Diet Dr Pepper
Old Fashioned
Passionfruit La Croix
Root Beer
Vodka And Coke
Yellow Cake Martini
Buffalo Trace Bourbon Neat
Chateau St Michelle Cabernet
Red Wine
Chai Tea
Cinnamon Tea
Irish Breakfast Tea

Our Favorite Beverages

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Where We Connect

We’re also a national organization, with remote offices in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Telecommute options means that, though lacking access to that yummy Friday lunch, the benefits of working from home presents a fair enough trade-off.

Slack brings us all together in one place, and we utilize it heavily to unify us across the miles and time zones.

Photo Careers Connect Pair Photo Careers Connect Couch

Committed to Health Insurance

We are committed to our team’s well-being above all things, and believe offering robust insurance coverage is one good way to show it.

At Workstate we offer generous Health, Dental, Vision and Life packages for our employees and their families.

Photo Careers Health Lunchroom

Who Gets
Time Off?

We also encourage working sane hours, for both basic health and the much-lauded life/work balance. With that in mind, Workstate offers:

  • 12 - 14 paid holiday days per year (includes most recognized federal holidays.)
  • 15 days of paid time off per year; increasing to 20 days after two years of employment.
  • Unlimited sick days.

When we say we support our team, we aren’t messing around.



How to shim a hutch (and why you should)


Dyeing my hair unusual colors (and handling that attention)


Contacting my representatives on a daily/hourly basis


Fighting off sharks while learning to swim




Sketching on a sheet of charcoal with an eraser




Performing an alignment on a motorcycle


Hand-engraving on glass with a Dremel

What About
Those Jobs?

We have a variety of career opportunities and trajectories, both technical and non-technical. In IT, operations, sales, marketing; we are growing at a mindful pace, and are interested in folks who enjoy a close-knit team environment and who expect a clear path for advancement.

We’re not bragging when we say that we’re happy to have very low turn-over. When you’re a fit for Workstate, you tend to stick around.

But if you don’t see exactly what you do there, don’t hesitate to send in your resume anyhow. We might be meant for each other.

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Our Best (Worst) Jokes

We Believe

We believe that the caliber of our teams has the highest correlation to successful projects.